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WELCOME to the Official Blog of the 2014 Master National Hunting Test, October 9-19, 2014, brought to you by the Retriever News and written by Tina Styan and Gwen Jones. We hope you enjoy these daily updates on the 2014 Master National, held this year in and around Corning, California.


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Saturday, October 18, 2014

DAY 8: Flight C: Mike Collson and Corrine Clavey; Test 6 "The Corner"

This test, "The Corner," is a water triple with a blind using ducks. The first bird thrown is 76 yards from the line in the right corner of the pond. Bird two is located on the left side and is thrown right onto the island at 45 yards. Bird number three is across the pond from the mat at 97 yards and is thrown to the right on the far shore. The blind is under the arc of the left-hand bird across the point of the island and to the far shore at 85 yards.

We arrived in time to watch both Test Dogs for Flight C as they began their sixth and final series, "The Corner." The wind was at the handler's right shoulder; the sun was bright with a temperature of only 72 degrees, yet it felt much more like 92 degrees. The gallery was putting up their shade makes and getting ready for a long afternoon in this bright sun. The first Test Dog came to the line and had to be handled on the right-hand bird. Test Dog #2 had a very difficult handle on the middle bird. As we started watching the contestants, it was apparent that this test would be causing some problems. The first handle was on the right-hand bird. The dog was going too far to the left and had to be handled back to the bird. We also had one pick-up in the early going of this test. All of the dogs were able to retrieve the island bird and all of the handlers were able to get four feet dry on the blind. The time ranged between 5.5-8.5 minutes per dog.

Test Dog #1, "Indy"

Test Dog #2, "Tonka"

"The Corner" pond

Franke Prendergast and AKC Rep Russ Reavis

Lyle Steinman and Jody Ware
#107 KDT's Reds Howdy Doody ToAce MH, "Red," with handler Kirk Wichman


DAY 8: Flight D: Bill Blochowiak and Mike Jespersen; Test 6 “Donut"

The “Donut Hole” test is a land/water triple, double blind, walk-up and diversion shot. This triple is shot right to left. When the dog picks up the short, right mark, the diversion is shot. The short right mark at 34 yards throws to the left, the middle at 124 yards throws to the left and the left-hand flyer at 40 yards shoots to the right. The first blind is 98 yards just off the backside of the right-hand bird. Blind number two at 79 yards is right and deep of the left-hand bird. This test took an average of eight to ten minutes per dog.

We caught up with Flight D at the "donut" for their sixth and final test. There were 66 dogs called back to this last series. The wind was at the handler's back. The gallery laughed that at this Master NAtional, this was the third time they had had a downwind test. As we watched the test unfold, we found that the dogs were having problems with the short, right walk-up bird. The dogs were blowing through the cover and having to be handled back in to retrieve this bird. The blind work was excellent – one dog lined the left hand blind. The test took between 5-8 minutes per dog.

#29 Point Doc's Bigfoot Jet MH, "Jet," with handler Jim McCurry
#27 Outlaw Miss Jozie Wozie MH, "Jozie," with handler Jeff Manuel

#28 Kenai's Yukon King MH, "Yukon," with handler Jim Martin


DAY 8: Flight C: Mike Collson and Corrine Clavey; Test 5 "Lakeside" Con't

The “Lakeside” test is a land/water triple, double blind, walk-up and a diversion shot. The first bird is the walk-up thrown to the left at 38 yards to the right of the line, bird two is thrown to the left down the pond at 70 yards and the flyer is shot to the left at 66 yards right to the left of the line. The first blind is under the arc of the flyer at 109 yards. Blind number two is directly across the pond at 97 yards, landing up a hill under heavy cover. This test took an average of six minutes per dog.

We joined Flight C for the completion of their fifth series, "Lakeside." The wind today was at 10-12 mph hitting the handlers in the face. Today, the sound of the winger was loud enough to draw the dog's attention. The last five dogs that we watched all did a very nice job on the walk-up bird. The middle bird continued to be the problem at the "Lakeside" test. We saw handlers anything from two to six whistles to get their dog to this bird. All five dogs completed both blinds, but some did it more quickly than others. This Flight will be moving to the "Corner" for their sixth and final series and the contestants were advised to go that test and park and wait for the Callbacks.

Flight C's Mini Stonehenge

#59 The Blast's Winning Streak MH, "Winnie," with handler Mike Vaughn

#65 Just One Of The Rat Pack, " Davis," with handler Drew Neubauer

Worker's break down the test …

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